“My work is a vigorous pursuit for balance between the states of chaos and order that alternate and overlap in our lives.  The tangible materials that surround us and the ungraspable spiritualism that defines us as individual unique people.  Searching for equilibrium through use of a broad spectrum of color and multiplicity of approaches, controlling and directing the movement of amorphous elements by the stricter structural boundaries imposed by both the canvas and the painter forms themselves.


I love balance in each piece by a meticulous synchronization of a variety of superficially disharmonies of elements: smooth, broad color fields, linear imagery, textured surfaces, oil, charcoal and mixed media on canvas or paper and deeply layered paintings.  The effect created is that of a carefully realized harmony.


My wife Mary and I moved to Madeline Island, Lake Superior, in 2010 and are  full time residents.  I attended Layton School of Art in Milwaukee, WI and Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, CA.  

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Email:                       Tel: 612.275.3186